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Mary, the Perfect Mother

Good morning and a joyful Saturday to you! Last week we talked about May being the month of Mother Mary, and it the theme of motherhood continues!

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

May is for Mary

Good morning to you from Joy Valley! The clouds are lifting and the hills of the valley are turning green—even the trees are starting to bud! Spr

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

Help bring Juan Diego to the Marian Center and get a Cause of Our Joy exclusive coffee mug!

We will mail a beautiful Cause of Our Joy coffee mug to anyone who donates $25. If you are able to donate $100, you’ll get the Cause of Our Joy cof

0 comments Josh Mercer

The Glory of These 50 Days

Good morning and a Blessed Easter Saturday to you! We don’t know about you, but we have been using the word “alleluia” pretty liberally this

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

Learn how to plant a Mary Garden

Ellen Willson from Willson’s Garden Center in Petoskey will lead a class on planting a garden in honor of Our Blessed Mother. The class will featu

0 comments Katie Moe

Holy week

Good morning -- thanks for clicking on this email and joining us! Since we have started this little “email ministry”, we have been so pleasantl

0 comments Josh Mercer

making all things new

Good morning! We are sending sunny, warm greetings to you from Joy Valley where we are seeing more grass and less snow every day! It won’t be

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

why we need confession

Good morning! Glad you are with us this Saturday! Hopefully you are sitting in the sunshine and enjoying a warm beverage! We are a little over halfw

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

Hail, full of Grace

Good morning! Hopefully, this little Saturday morning delivery finds you smiling and full of good cheer. It is officially spring now, so bring on t

0 comments Josh Mercer

Irish dinner

Every year around this time, I search for my friend Ellen’s recipes for St Patrick’s Day.  Her great-great-great-grandmother Houlihan’s Irish

0 comments Katie Moe and Lori Mercer